In the UK, HPHT is formally defined as a well having an undisturbed bottomhole temperature of greater than 300°F [149°C] and a pore pressure of at least 0.8 psi/ft (~15.3 lbm/gal) or requiring a BOP with a rating in excess of 10,000 psi [68.95 MPa].


Evanteq Energy have been involved in numerous HPHT projects, including some of the Industry's most high profile HPHT developments such as Total's operated Elgin, Franklin and West Franklin developments, BG's operated Jackdaw development and Maersk Oil's operated Culzean development.

The term High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT)  came into use upon the release of the Cullen report on the Piper Alpha platform disaster in the UK sector of the North Sea, along with the simultaneous loss of the Ocean Odyssey semi-submersible drilling vessel in Scottish jurisdictional waters.

In addition, Evanteq Energy have also provided technical support and guidance to clients on other HPHT projects, both in the UK and overseas, such as Faraday (UK CNS, uHPHT exploration), Jacqui (UK CNS, HT appraisal), Bamboo (Egypt, HPHT appraisal) and L5 Sierra (Netherlands, uHPHT appraisal).