Cygnus is the largest discovery in the Southern Gas Basin in the last 25 years, and will be the second largest individual gas producer at plateau in 2016, providing 5% of UK indigineous gas production . Current development plans includes ≥4 platforms and ≥10 wells, targeting both Rotliegend and Carboniferous reservoirs. 


Since 2010, Evanteq Energy have been contracted to provide the complete spectrum of Well Engineering Services for this flag ship project (from feasibility, right through to execution) and are currently responsible for the overall direction and technical integrity of all project related, drilling engineering activities.


The initial development consists of 4 platforms and ten wells, drilled from two drill centres. The 10 wells range from approximately 17,000 ft MD to a threshold limit of 18,500 ft MD in order to facilitate coiled tubing intervention.


All wells are planned to have long, horizontal reservoir sections, (approx 3,500 ft), in order to achieve the optimum field drainage whilst minimising the number of wells required (and hence overall drilled footage). 

Due to the diverse nature of the reservoir characteristics across Cygnus, the requirement for several different sand face completion strategies has been identified. These include open hole with sand screens and cased & perforated with up to 8 hydraulic fractures (per well). Fibre optic and multi-point water injection is planned across the horizontal, sand screen completions to facilitate reservoir management. 


Operations commenced in August 2014 and are due to finish mid 2017.